The Herbal Dispensary

Our passion is helping you to achieve optimum health & wellbeing through herbal medicine, nautral health supplements, and healthy food options.

Find Us

Raglan Town Centre

6 Wallis Street, Raglan

Ph: (07) 825 7444

Opening Hours

7 days per week 

9 AM - 5 PM

Visit us today and have one-on-one conversation with an experienced health and wellness professional that genuinely wants to help. We offer:

Medical Herbalists
& Naturopaths

Skincare, Ointments
& Herbal Teas

Acute/Walk-In Herbal
Prescription Service

Private Consultations
in person & online

Our herbal dispensary is one of the biggest and longest standing dispensaries in New Zealand.

We have a team of registered staff (naturopaths/medical herbalists) in store every day to help you with your health needs.

Dependent on your needs, this may include tailored herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle advice.  

We take pride in sourcing quality nutritional & herbal supplements to help you with your health goals. 

Formulated and hand-made instore by our registered naturopaths and medical herbalists is our signature range of medicinal herbal tea blends, tonics, creams and ointments. 

Free 15-minute
Natural Health Consultation

Come on in and meet the team!

Committed to healthy communities in Raglan


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