​Community Health Stores are New Zealand’s best and only local independent natural health stores

All CHS stores offer a FREE natural health assessment. Meet one-one with a natural health expert and discuss your health concerns. 

Community Health Stores Free 15 Minute Health Evaluation Learn more

The Very Best Natural Health Brands

Community Health Stores stock hundreds of the very best brands in Natural Health. We regularly meet with our manufacturers & suppliers understand what ingredients are in each product and how they can help our customers feel better.

Support local communities & businesses

Committed to healthy communities

CHS are a group of independent, natural health stores located throughout New Zealand. 

Our vision is to offer everyone the very best natural healthcare and advice in New Zealand.

Everyone of our 15 stores provides:

  • The Very Best Natural Health Product
  • Tailor-made Naturopathic Treatment Plan
  • Dedicated Natural Health Professionals
  • Free 15 Minute Health Consultation

Community Health Stores vs Mass Market Retailers

Our store owners and teams have over 60 years of combined experience in helping customers with natural health products.

Our owners and staff regularly meet with our suppliers to learn and understand what ingredients are in each product and how they can help our customers feel better.

Our products meet the most strict quality assurance tests.

Products from big box retailers like the mass market retailers may appear cheaper but is what you’re buying actually what you need to help you feel better?

We continuously research and study the latest information on natural health issues so we are always up to date on the latest products and therapies. This is important to deliver the best possible care and advice to customers who visit their local Community Health Store. It is also important to help select the most trusted, effective and safe to consume supplements  

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