Natroceutics Curcumin Fortified 60 Capsules




Specifically developed to provide support for those managing advanced inflammatory conditions. Curcumin Fortified merges three actives that have been scientifically validated in the areas of inflammation and pain relief. This fusion forms a powerful and uniquely synergistic combination that delivers results quickly and effectively.

Turmeric is one of the most used and widely studied health-supporting substances that exist on the planet, which has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

When modern science caught up, curcumin was identified as the powerhouse bioactive component within turmeric that delivers remarkable health benefits.

We now understand that curcumin delivers a range of advantages Š but is specifically a powerful inflammatory modulator Š meaning it can positively assist with the healthy expression of inflammation in the human body.

There is, however, a major challenge with curcumin: it has very poor oral bioavailability when used as an extract on its own, and when consumed in whole turmeric, itÕs challenging to consume enough on a consistent basis to provide major health benefits.

Not all products are created equal. Many people are disappointed that curcumin doesnÕt work for them or has suboptimal results because it may not be absorbed adequately.

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