Pea & Hemp Protein Powder




New to the Vital family and Tonic Health shelves! Vital Pea & Hemp Protein Powder!

With the growing awareness of the many benefits of hemp seed, new Vital Pea & Hemp protein provides you with all the benefits of Vital Pea Protein with the added fibre from the Hemp Protein Powder.

By adding our highest quality Canadian grown, hemp protein powder (30%) with our Vanilla Pea Protein powder (70%), their complementary amino acid profiles create a superior complete vegetable protein, with a great taste and an optimal amount of fibre.

Hemp is INCREDIBLE NUTRITIOUS, a HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN SOURCE, HIGH IN SOLUBLE AND INSOLUBLE FIBRE, HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS, contains ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS. All hemp foods start from the whole hemp seeds and are processed in different methods to create each product.

The Vital pea & hemp protein is rich in fibre, essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 & 9.

NOTE: Regulatory changes came into force in New Zealand on 12 November 2018 allowing Hemp seed to be sold as a food.

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