Mitchells Nutrition Collagen Repair Tub 200g

Mitchells Nutrition



Mitchells Nutrition Collagen Repair Tub 200gBounce back the natural way from physical exercise and adventure. Give your body the nutrition it needs to recover quickly, effectively and most importantly, naturally.FAST, EFFECTIVE & NATURAL REPAIRThroughout our lives we put a lot of strain on our bodies - particularly when we're exercising, adventuring and living life to the fullest. Essentially, over time we're doing damage to our joints, our muscles, our skin, our organs and even our brains. When it comes to repairing that damage, our bodies know best. We just need to give them the right fuel.That's why we've created Collagen Repair, a unique blend of natural nutrients that are designed to give our bodies the fuel they need to repair and regenerate - and get us ready for the next adventure.Collagen Repair contains collagen peptides, curcumin from turmeric, magnesium, vitamin C, Black pepper and a touch of natural lemon flavour. All natural, all good for you.


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