Mitchells Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder 500g - Chocolate

Mitchells Nutrition



Mitchells Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder is more than just a protein powder, it's a full body support.

  • Supports muscles, bones and ligaments with vital nutrients needed for repairing and preventing injury.
  • Supports strengthening of the gut lining, helping reduce uncomfortable IBS symptoms like leaky gut, bloating and gas.
  • Contains natural collagen which supports building healthy hair, skin and nails.

Bone Broth Protein Powder is a natural way to give your body all the support it needs to stay active. Every single gram of protein and collagen found in this powder is a natural outcome of the slow cooking process. We use the traditional cooking  technique to extract the goodness from 100% grass fed New Zealand beef bone, before stirring in some cocoa, natural vanilla and monk fruit for flavour. Nothing else.

By using bone broth we made sure this product is packed full of essential amino acids - aka the 'building blocks' our body needs to survive and thrive. These amino acids support more than just muscle growth and repair, they also support gut health, joint and skin, energy levels and even your basic body functions.

It's paleo, keto and the perfect alternative to dairy or legume based powders, with way more benefits.


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