Mitchells Nutrition 100% Grass Fed Bone Broth Powder Pouch 100g

Mitchells Nutrition



Mitchells Nutrition 100% Grass Fed Bone Broth Powder Pouch 100gGut health, joint support and essential nutrition in every meal.The same natural bone broth powder now in a 100g pouch!WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH BONE BROTH?Bone broth is one of those things that they got totally right back in the day. It's a simple, natural, traditional way of extracting all the nutrition you can out of ingredients and getting that goodness into your body. Put simply, it's old school, but it's all good. That's what Mitchell's Bone Broth is all about - traditional nutrition for modern life.What's more, it has been independently tested by Eurofins, a credited laboratory, and is packed full of amino acids. And why are amino acids so good? Basically, they are the building blocks of the body as well as sources of energy. In that sense they're kind of like fats and carbohydrates. However, amino acids also contain nitrogen, which means they're capable of forming tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. Fats and carbohydrates, on the other hand, do not contain nitrogen, and therefore cannot 'build' your body in the same way as amino acids.


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