ManukaRx Foaming Face Wash 120ml




ManukaRx Foaming Face Wash 120ml is a foaming Face wash to help in the prevention of acne

Are you tired of constant breakouts? Are you worn out by the search for an acne product that actually supports the prevention of acne? If so, you need to try our Foaming Face Wash for Acne.

This powerful yet gentle cleanser contains mānuka oil and chamomile, instead of a long list of chemicals that are harsh to both you and the environment.

Daily use of this foaming cleanser is the cleanser for acne you've been searching for.

Manuka Oil is an Effective Cleanser for Acne

There are plenty of products that say they can cleanse your skin, but not many of them are as effective as our ManukaRx Foaming Facial Cleanser for Acne.

The reason for this is because of our special ingredient: mānuka oil.

This oil is a wonderful natural cleanser because of its antibacterial properties and bacteria are one of the main causes of acne. In fact, mānuka oil is up to 30 times more effective against bacteria than tea tree oil, which is often used in natural acne prevention skin care products.

Another reason to use a mānuka oil facial cleanser is that your skin will feel soft and refreshed after using it. Unlike many of the acne prevention products on the market, our product doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils. Other products tend to leave people with skin that feels tender and dry.

Benefits of our mānuka oil cleanser:

Reduce or eliminate breakouts
Leaves skin feeling soft instead of dried out and flaky
100% natural ingredients some of which are antibacterial and actually support the healing of your skin.
Why Choose ManukaRx Foaming Face Wash?

Why should you choose a mānuka product for acne prevention, like our mānuka oil cleanser over traditional products? The reason is simple, cleansers based on natural active ingredients are better for you. You'll get the results you want (effective acne prevention) without dealing with possible harsh side-effects.

With Foaming Face Wash for acne, you'll be left with soft, clear, lustrous skin.


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