Kiwiherb Organic Immune Guard 100ml

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Kiwiherb Organic Immune Guard 100ml

Kiwiherb Organic ImmuneGuard is a unique formulation using potent herbs to support immune and respiratory health. Locally grown Horseradish and Elecampane help clear airways, while our premium organic Echinacea supports immune function.

Kiwiherb Organic ImmuneGuard is suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age for immune support, particularly during the change of seasons and winter months.

Plant powered daily immune boost
A powerful combination of certified organic Echinacea root, New Zealand honey & herbs
High Potency Echinacea and Elecampane for vulnerable immune and respiratory system support, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine
NZ-grown Horseradish and Elecampane

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