Freezedried Aronia Berry




Berryactives Aronia Berry Powder 125g - Freeze Dried

There is increasing scientific evidence suggesting that Aronia may provide you with a natural key to better health.  Consuming Aronia may reduce your pharmaceutical dependence and move you to a more natural nutraceutical form of health maintenance.

Key to this is that Aronia is perhaps the world's richest available source of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are critical modulators of many physiological processes. There is strong evidence that anthocyanin-rich foods may support a wide range of health benefits including: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular protection, neuroprotection / improved cognitive function, diabetes & obesity control, cancer inhibition and enhanced exercise recovery.

Berryactives Aronia has an extraordinary anthocyanin and antioxidant profile.
Berryactives' Aronia has "amongst the highest antioxidant activity (as measured by the ORAC assay) of any berryfruit measured to date".

Berryactives Aronia is grown pesticide-free in Central Otago, New Zealand - an area renowned for its pristine land, lakes and rivers. The fruit's remarkable antioxidant profile is attributed to the region's high UV light levels.

Berryactives Aronia has been independently analysed for its nutritional and antioxidant properties by The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd - a New Zealand government-owned Crown Research Institute.

Berryactives Aronia is traceable to source. Through partnership with Oritain Global Ltd we can scientifically verify the fruit's exact origin in Central Otago NZ.

This 100% natural New Zealand grown product contains no additives, preservatives or anti-caking agents.


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