Essential Greens Powder




Lifestream Essential Greens+ is expertly formulated by the superfood specialists. It is easy to mix, great tasting and provides all of the essential nutrients in a once-a-day dose. No need to drag out blenders, chop up veggies or swallow pills several times a day; just add water to create a delicious smoothie that will boost your daily 5+ a day nutritional needs.

Lifestream Essential Greens+ contains a great selection of wholefoods & herbs to support key body systems and their function; liver and digestion, immune support, cardiovascular and circulation, nervous system and antioxidant protection.

Lifestream Essential Greens+ uses only natural ingredients; they choose to not include synthetically derived vitamins, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Just add water to enjoy this once a day, easy to mix, great tasting super blend. Taken regularly, this wholesome and nutritious formula provides essential nutrients to help support everyday energy and vitality for a more healthful you.

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