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Tebonin ® EGb 761 ®, a medical grade supplement, has been shown through a vast body of internationally-published scientific research to provide natural support for normal and healthy:
· Brain and cognitive function
· Mental performance
· Concentration, alertness and focus
· Inner ear calm and quiet
· Balance
Recommended by doctors and neurologists around the world

What does Tebonin® do?
Tebonin ® helps maintain healthy blood circulation to all areas of the body. This notably includes the microcirculation in such intricate organs as: the brain, inner ear, eyes as well as legs, feet, hands and even the skin. Rich in anti-oxidants Tebonin® supports healthy capillaries and assists with cell neuroprotection.
Tebonin ® helps maintain and support: mental alertness and performance, focus and concentration, normal brain function and activity, healthy cognitive function, calm and quiet inner ears, normal balance.

How long after starting to take Tebonin® can I expect to feel a difference?
The length of time required varies and depends on a number of factors and can thus vary individually. Generally the benefits of Tebonin® will be seen within 4-8 weeks. However in certain situations it may take longer for the benefits to be evident. The length of time the individual has experienced the health issue and its actual severity can also impact on the time it takes. As not all health issues are improved by taking Tebonin ® , it is generally advised that the efficacy of Tebonin ® is reassessed after 8-12 weeks.

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