Dry Skin Healing Oil




If you have a dry skin problem, no matter what's causing it, ManukaRx Dry Skin Healing Oil can help get to the source of the problem with all-natural ingredients from plant sources.
You don't want to use harsh products on your skin that contain chemicals that could cause you more skin issues, so it makes sense to choose something natural that gets to the bottom of your dry skin problem.

What Causes Dry Skin?
There are many causes of dry skin. For some people, it's using the wrong skin care products. Some soaps and detergents can dry out your skin. You may even be allergic to ingredients in your soaps.
For others, skin problems can be from a specific minor skin irritation. You may have a case of a skin, itchy skin, and other annoying minor skin irritations.

Treating Your Dry Skin Problem with ManukaRx
ManukaRx Dry Skin Healing Oil contains a special blend of plant-based ingredients specifically formulated to assist your dry skin problem.
It has jojoba and manuka oils, which are two of the most powerful ingredients you can include in your skin care regimen. Jojoba is known to help clear clogged pores and cleanse follicles of debris, while the East Cape manuka oil uses its antibacterial prevention properties to assist to get to the source of your, itching, and other minor skin irritations.
ManukaRx Dry Skin Healing Oil also contains lavender and lemon. Both of these natural ingredients aid in your skin's healing process and add to the natural fragrance.


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