Deep Lung Support

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Harker Herbal Deep Lung Support is useful in all cases of lung congestion to loosen mucus and assist the body with removing that mucus from the respiratory tract.

Deep Lung Support is made from 100% natural herbal extracts and pure essential oils, many of which are recommended to fortify and strengthen the body's inherent resistance to disease and illness.

Deep Lung Support may assist:

  • Any person suffering from a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs charactersied by tenderness of the chest and coughing
  • People with chronic lung disorders that make breathing difficult (such as wheezing which is associated with asthma)
  • People suffering accute lung congestion where lungs feel 'heavy' and clogged with mucus
  • People who have smoked or been exposed to air pollution and other toxic chemicals
  • People who have a chronic cough that prevents them from getting a good night's sleep
  • Children and babies who are struggling to cough up mucus from the chest area, but at a reduced dosage
  • The elderly, particularly those who are more suseptible to respiratory illnesses
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