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Harker Herbals Children's Skin Rescue 150ml

Harker Herbals Children's Skin Rescue Calms and Soothes Itchy, Dry Skin and Supports Delicate Skin Repair
Harker Herbals Children's Skin Rescue has a Wild Berry Flavour and is Suitable for Children Age 0-12 Years

Harker Herbals Children's Skin Rescue contains all-natural plant extracts with no added refined sugar or alcohol. Each dose delivers high strength plant extracts in yummy fruity syrups and, being a liquid, the active ingredients are rapidly absorbed. Harker uses clinically researched ingredients with a long history of traditional use. Echinacea and Baical Skullcap supports the immune system's response to allergens, either ingested or arising through skin contact. Grape Seed Extract is a powerful antioxidant clinically researched to support skin repair and may help protect delicate skin.

Harker Herbals Children's Skin Rescue provides a gentle soothing herbal syrup to:

Calm and soothe itchy dry skin
Support the body's immune reaction to allergens
Support the repair of delicate skin
Provide useful everyday support if prone to outbreaks of dry, itchy skin

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