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Harker Herbals Celtic and NZ Sea Salt is a highly prized product that has 84 known mineral and trace elements. Nutrient rich, this salt mixture helps to increase food-nutrient absorption, and provides exceptional flavour to foods. A moist product, it is rich in organic plankton and has a grey tone due to the magnesium chloride and salt-pan clay-base content. Certified organic - the kelp comes from the South Island and the NZ sea salt is sourced from Kaikoura. The Celtic sea salt within the product comes from Normandy and is of the highest grade with a French certification.

Harker Herbals Celtic and NZ Sea Salt is said to increase food-nutrient absorption into cells by up to 7%.

  • Flavours foods - meats, fish, poultry, vegetables etc
  • Cell nutrient maintenance, indispensable to cell-health, and therefore systemic health
  • Rich in iodine
  • Blood pH balancing & hygroscopic to cells, blood & skin tissues
  • Increases saliva and gastric digestive secretions to help break down carbohydrates into cell-usable / assimilable nutrients
  • Healing for skin abrasions. Add hot water to soothe rash/eczema
  • Excellent for boosting pot plant nutrients (ΒΌ teaspoon to 5 litres of rainwater once every 3 months). (Warning: Do not try this with regular table salt - your plants will die!)

Natural Sodium content approx. 84%, Macronutrients and plankton 16% in total.

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