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Discover the benefits of using Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength and Joint Active, together.

Good Health Joint Active combines three powerful ingredients into an easy to swallow 1-a-night small capsule. UC-II® is a unique patented form of Type II undenatured collagen that works with the immune system to preserve joints and to support the regeneration and maintenance of healthy cartilage.

Boron is essential for healthy bones and Vitamin D supports optimal cartilage production. Joints receive nutrients through adjoining bones - so healthy bones are key for healthy joints.

Clinical studies in active adult's show UC-II® is better than glucosamine and chondroitin showing a significant increase in joint comfort, flexibility and mobility.

Just one small 40mg capsule each night provides significant support for joint comfort and cartilage regeneration.

Good Health Turmeric Extra Strength is a high strength Curcumin formula for extra total body support. Curcumin is the scientifically proven ingredient found in Turmeric.

Turmeric Extra Strength contains a unique Curcumin extract, CurcuWIN®, that uses advanced technology to enhance absorption by more than 46 x for greater joint comfort.

This powerful formula also offers support for the cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems.

High quality Boswellia provides further joint support & is clinically shown to start working within 7 days.

Together with the Joint Active they both provide more support for those ongoing joint issues. Joint supporting herbs and nutrients help joint comfort, mobility and flexibility in your everyday usual activities, exercise and overall health.

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