Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum




Certified vegan* Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Serum protects, improves and brightens. The super-light oil-based serum provides a barrier against pollution particles, while bioactive ingredients target pigmentation and oxidative stress while brightening and strengthening skin.
"This product changes the game for anti-pollution skincare", says Antipodes CEO and founder, Elizabeth Barbalich. "No other natural anti-pollution product has the weight of scientific validation behind it like Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum."

In independent tests, Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum was shown to inhibit or completely stop free radical damage in human skin cells by up to 52% after one hour**. "This scientifically shows how potentially effective Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum is at inhibiting oxidative stress in skin in just a short space of time," says Mrs Barbalich.

About the ingredients
Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum is developed, sourced and produced New Zealand. The country's clear skies, fertile soil and fresh water give rise to Blessing's plant-based ingredients. Skin is protected from the effects of city pollution by revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza® Grape and Asian ginger. They help neutralise free radical damage and counter pollution's effects by encouraging vibrant skin. The Vitamin C superfruit kiwifruit lends its regenerative power with kiwi seed oil.

Nutrient-rich avocado oil combines with jojoba oil to improve and strengthen skin weakened by cell damage. Together they provide a light silky feel to skin. Meanwhile, Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi, marshmallow bloom and liquorice root all help brighten skin, and target the freckling and pigmentation caused by pollution.

Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum's pure essential oil fragrance of white jasmine is used therapeutically to calm and soothe. A blessing for urban life, this serum is perfect for most skin conditions.

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