Biovea Resveratrol 250mg 60 Capsules




Biovea Resveratrol 250mg 60 Vegetarian Tablets

Resveratrol: The most effective and best-researched phytonutrient for maintaining and protecting health.

• Supports colon health
• An all natural powerful antioxidant that protects DNA
• Restores glutathione (our most important antioxidant) levels
• Increases levels of quinone reductase (the liver uses this enzyme to detoxify carcinogens)
• Supports prostate health
• Acts as a beneficial phytoestrogen
• Shown to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidation
• Enhances healing of skin wounds

What is Resveratrol?

Found in grapes and wine, Resveratrol is a naturally occurring antioxidant that contains a number of health benefits such as antiviral, neuroprotective, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and life-prolonging effects.

Resveratrol is a protective compound produced by red grapes and certain other plants as a defence against parasites. While red wine previously contained 8 to 10mg resveratrol per litre, there is unfortunately almost no resveratrol in today's red wine due to widespread use of pesticides. We have, however, managed to find a source of pharmaceutical grade resveratrol, extracted directly from red grapes, which retains the natural balance of all its active compounds: polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanidins and oligoproanthocyanidins (OPCs). This is then enriched with resveratrol extracted from the plant Polygonum cuspidatum.

Why Should You Take Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a brilliant solution to many age-related health problems:

Heart Health: The World Health Organisation suggests that resveratrol single-handedly reduces cardiovascular risk by 40%! Resveratrol is more effective than Vitamin E at protecting against a wider range of free radicals to prevent oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). It inhibits platelet aggregation by blocking the action of thrombin and several other aggregating factors. It promotes production of nitric oxide, which relaxes and dilates the arteries. It reduces blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels as well as the intrinsic hypertensive agent endothelin-1.

Brain Health: Preliminary studies suggest that resveratrol--administered solely, and in combination with other antioxidants--protects the brain against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is known to play a major role in most neurodegenerative diseases.

Inflammation: A Chinese study has recently shown that, when injected immediately after injury, Resveratrol is as effective as the drug, prednisone at protecting against inflammation of the spinal cord, but with additional benefit of antioxidant protection. A study of rats pre-supplemented with Resveratrol for 21 days has shown to improve prognosis and reduce the permanent effects of stroke.

Longevity: According to a study at Harvard Medical School, Resveratrol activates a longevity gene in certain strains of yeast and extends life expectancy by 70%! It works in the same way as calorie restriction (the only scientifically-proven way of increasing longevity) by activating SIR genes. Research to date has been restricted to yeasts, flies and nematodes but it's worth noting that humans also possess these genes.


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