Biotrace Liposomal Vitamin C 180ml




BioTrace Liposomal Vitamin C has a delicious zesty taste with no artificial sweetener that the whole family will love. Flexible dosing means it is suitable for everyone to enjoy and help support their immune system.Liposomal Vitamin C is coated with phospholipids, commonly known as liposomes, which means superior absorption due to the Vitamin C easily passing through the digestive barrier into the blood stream and then directly into the cell where it is needed.Every serving contains ascorbic acid, a well absorbed form of vitamin C and calcium ascorbate. The calcium ascorbate buffers the ascorbic acid making it gentler on the stomach.Vitamin C has a long history of use for:Supporting immune system healthAn essential co-factor in the production of collagen for healthy skin, hair, and connective tissueAntioxidant support for cardiovascular system health and protection against oxidative stressIncreases the absorption of ironTAPS PP7475 

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