Biotrace Elite Electrolytes with Zest 120ml




BioTrace Elite Ion-Power Electroylites with Zest 120ml

These electrolytes contain 100% naturally sourced minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea. Unlike other electrolyte products, these contain no added sugars so you can choose how many carbohydrates you consume. They are also very economical because they are very concentrated.

Roles of the Major Electrolytes:

Potassium: muscle function; nerve conduction; water, and acid balance; supports cardiovascular function and helps to prevent muscle cramps.
Sodium: nerve conduction; muscle contraction; water and acid-base balance; thirst response.
Magnesium: nerve conduction; muscle function; energy production; supports cardiovascular and respiratory function; helps to prevent muscle cramps.

Chloride: water and acid-base balance; oxygen exchange; the most abundant anion outside the cell.

Elite Ion-Power Electrolytes are ideal for:
Active or busy people
Elderly or young children
Those with gastric upset or compromised immunity

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