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BioTrace Bio Probiotic 50 Capsules

There are lots of probiotics out there to choose from but this one is a truly unique product at the cutting edge of scientific research.

Delayed Release capsules (DR caps) are low moisture capsules which extend the product life and potency of their contents. The special plant-based DR caps are scientifically proven to not release in the stomach, yet are guaranteed to dissolve in the intestine. There are no nasty excipients to be found in these capsules.

Bio Probiotic is a multi-strain formula with high CFU for excellent broad spectrum support. It also contains the prebiotic Inulin, which supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, especially Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

Bio Probiotic contains the unique, stable, spore-forming probiotic known as DE111. Bio Probiotic enzymes have genome sequenced and tested DE111, a highly effective strain of Bacillus subtilis. DE111 is shown to have the following qualities:

It persists in the GI tract, populates and re-sporulates
Supports intestinal immunity
Crowds out unfavourable bacteria and helps maintain a healthy gut flora
It supports the proper digestion of dietary fats and complex carbohydrates
Additionally, Bio Probiotic is dairy free, contains no animal products and no toxic excipients.


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