Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Oil




Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Oil 355ml

Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Oil provides a crystal clear, odour-free Magnesium Oil. It is a concentrated essence of pure seawater.

Key Benefits:
Helps Relieve Aches, Pain, Cramps and Spasms
Helps Soothe and Relax Muscles
Helps Improve Quality of Sleep
Helps Calms Overactive Nerves
Helps Nourishes the Skin

Magnesium Oil is a highly concentrated ultra-pure (USP grade) magnesium chloride brine. It provides a revolutionary new way to obtain magnesium, by absorbing it through the skin. Our Magnesium Oil is a 29-31% solution of Magnesium Chloride extracted from pre-tested brine wells from the Great Salt Lake. This is purified and filtered to remove contaminants, creating a product that meets or exceeds USP (United States Pharmacopeia Grade) standards.

Aciea's Magnesium Chloride is derived from the pristine waters of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. The Great Salt Lake is a mineral-rich inland sea and is a remnant of the ancient Lake Bonneville, the largest lake of the last ice age. The waters of the Great Salt Lake are 11 times more concentrated than seawater and are high in natural magnesium chloride. Aciea 100% Pure Magnesium Oil uses only the most tested, purified and natural source of Magnesium chloride.



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