Absolute Essential Purify: Hand Sanitiser 50ml

Absolute Essential



Absolute Essentials Purify Hand Sanitising Gel uses 100% organically certified Ethanol. The powerful combination of a minimum 60% ethanol, essential oils and Aloe Vera effectively kill germs, revitalise the senses and leave your hands feeling beautifully clean and nourished (especially when used repeatedly throughout the day).

Ethanol, although effective at killing germs, can leave your skin feeling dry. Absolute Essentials have counteracted this by blending in aloe vera to nourish your skin while providing a protective barrier that helps keep moisture locked in. Pure, certified organic essential oils back up the disinfecting power of the ethanol, while cleansing and deodorising. The simple synergy of citrus, mint and eucalyptus has an inspiring effect on body and mind, ensuring it is taken care of and wellness is being promoted.

Essential oils have been used in many cultures throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, promoting wellness, and enhancing personal hygiene. Organic components in plants protect them from insects, bacteria or viruses. Essential oils are prepared from plants, therefore, might be effective in protecting humans from viral infection and supporting strong immune systems so we can protect ourselves. The combination of organic essential oils have been expertly selected for their ability to support against bacterial and microbial invasion.

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