Absolute Essential Purify: Cleansing Spray 100ml

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Absolute Essential Purify Cleansing Spray - Organic 100ml

Our Purify Cleansing Spray uses uses 100% organically certified Ethanol. The powerful combination of a minimum 70% ethanol (made to hospital specified standards) & essential oils to effectively kill germs, revitalise the senses and leave surfaces purified.

Ethanol (organic) 70% Grain alcohol
Traditional use: to effectively kill germs.

Eucalyptus Lemon (organic) Eucalyptus citriodora
Traditional use: a powerful antiseptic.

Tea Tree (organic) Melaleuca alternifolia
Traditional use: to cleanse & purify, inhibits the spread of airborne infection.

Lemon (organic) Citrus limonum
Traditional use: to uplift and support healthy immune function.

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