Absolute Essential Castor Oil: Virgin 50ml

Absolute Essential



This is an unsulphanated oil with exceptional healing qualities. It is deeply hydrating and nutritious, with gentle healing qualities for skin and body care. It offers support through massage for joint conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis and gout, assists the flow of lymphatic fluid, which can have a direct effect on fatigue and even depression.

Antioxidant properties support its general tonic reputation, as well as use against liver spots (age spots) on the skin surface.

Blends well with: Arnica infused oil, Lavender True/ Spike and Juniper Berry.

Castor oil was recognised as a healing substance by many ancient cultures being cited for therapeutic use across the ages in India, China, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Africa, Rome, the Americas and also in 17th Century Europe.

Castor oil has been included in treatments for gastrointestinal problems, skin disorders (including psoriasis), immunity enhancement, liver and kidney conditions, gallstones, muscle strain, body pain and joint immobility.

It has become a popular base for massage treatments due to its rich emollient properties and general tonic effect.

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