Absolute Essential Aloe Vera Gel 100g

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Absolute Essential Aloe Vera Gel (organic) 100g

This clear, cool and soothing gel is widely recognised for its ability to assist skin healing processes. It is particularly suitable when skin is broken, sunburned or burned, and is immediately effective when applied to irritated skin. Aloe Vera Gel provides an excellent non-greasy medium in which to dilute essential oils.

Inflamed Skin
The application of Aloe Vera gel is immediately cooling and restorative to inflamed skin caused by sunburn or other burns.

Skin Cooling
The cooling properties of this gel are especially beneficial when skin is dry or inflamed.

Irritated Skin
Apply as required to assist natural recovery from irritated, scaly, dry or weepy skin. May be useful for problems associated with eczema and psoriasis.

Skin Repair
Aloe Vera gel can assist processes of repair following knocks and burns.



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