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Weight loss for life

Anyone who has been on a diet will know that losing weight is hard but keeping it off is even harder. Getting good results from any diet takes vigilant effort and serious attention. For most such vigilance is impossible to maintain for long periods. However, sustainable weight loss can definitely be achieved by building and maintaining healthy habits. Here are Real Health NZ’s tips to keeping the weight off long term.Don’t diet All diets work for a short amount of time and then they all fail...

November 26, 2020

Making better choices with your beauty routine

We’re all trying to live a life where we care for ourselves, others, and the world around us. Jacqui Parangi, beauty therapist and independent consultant, talks to us about ethical and sustainable beauty, and how we can look after the environment and ourselves by choosing products wisely. Sustainable? Ethical? What do these words really mean?A beauty product is considered sustainable if its end-to-end process, from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and selling, leaves little to no impact...

November 26, 2020

Is stress stealing your energy?

In the modern world, many people are living without the energy they need to live the life they want, or do the things they love. In fact, many of us feel overwhelmed, tired, or run down weekly, if not daily....

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