The Good Vitamin Co. Good Magnesium 60 Gummies

The Good Vitamin Co



GUMMY MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTSMUSCLE RECOVERY & RELAXATION TO SUPPORT BUSY LIVESA must-have in your healing process for the mind and bodyYellow Banana Flavoured - All natural, of course!Natural Pectin - Gluten-Free - Vegan-Friendly - No Eggs, Soy, Dairy or Nuts - Halal CertifiedLet the Good Vitamin Co. support muscle recovery & assist with relaxation the good way!Magnesium is a mineral that supports your health in numerous ways. Benefits include support for muscle recovery & relaxation, help ease stress, support energy production, exercise performance, support premenstrual comfort, and support quality sleep.Uniquely formulated with natural pectin to support healthy digestion from the goodness of fibre and stable glucose levels for balanced energy, Good Magnesium provides an essential mineral for healthy heart, nerve, muscle and bone function.There's so much to benefit from taking a natural supplement that easily supports your physical recovery and is deliciously chewable as well!


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