Sambucol Soothing Throat Spray 30ml




Sambucol Soothing Throat Spray 30ml - Tonic Health

Sambucol Soothing Throat Spray combines antioxidant rich Black Elderberries with Echinacea, Kava, Zinc and Mānuka Honey to help coat and soothe the throat. This potent combination supports the immune system for a speedy return to health.

Ingredient Features:

Black Elderberry
Black Elderberry is shown to help provide strong immune system support so you can stay healthy throughout the year

Echinacea is a well known ingredient that supports healthy immune function and recovery

Kava with its numbing action, provides soothing support for a dry and irritated throat

Zinc supports healing and is an essential nutrient for a robust immune response

NZ Mānuka Honey
Renowned throughout the world for its benefits. Mānuka Honey soothes the throat and provides a sweet, natural taste

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