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ManukaRX 03 Skin Oil for Blemishes and Breakouts Jojoba Frankincense & Turmeric Essential Oil 20ml

Blemishes and breakouts are a common adolescent problem resulting from the increased sebaceous gland activity during this phase due to the hormonal changes associated with puberty. However, the problem can persist well into adulthood in many cases.

Excess sebum production is just the starting point of the problem. Breakouts develop when the hair follicles get blocked by the accumulation of sebum, keratin and other cell debris that form a comedone that may first appear as a whitehead or blackheads.  It is often complicated by bacterial and inflammatory reaction in the skin.

03 Skin Oil works in several ways to counteract breakouts and blemishes. First, it acts as a deep cleanser. Being a liquid, it can penetrate deep into the hair follicle; it can dissolve the sebum deposits and help dislodge the comedone, thus clearing out the blockage and secondly it has strong antibacterial properties that help control bacterial growth while soothing the irritated skin.

When used regularly, 03 Skin oil not only helps in the prevention of acne but it stimulates the growth of new cells at the same time, using the well-known actives found in turmeric oil to help dry out spots and prevent future breakouts.

Great for all skin types, this amazing combination is the perfect oil for any blemish repair kit.


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