Sambucol Kids Liquid Immunity




New and improved Kids Liquid Immunity with added Elderflower and Honey + increased levels of Vitamin C and Zinc.

Sambucol® for Kids is specially developed for use by Kids ages 2-10, and is a great-tasting way to make sure they are getting the immune support they need!

Immune Support
Soothes the Throat
Antioxidant Protection

Daycare, School and Seasonal Changes: A strong immune system is important, especially in everyday group settings like school and daycare where bugs can spread more easily. Sambucol Kids Liquid Immunity helps support your child's natural immune function. A strong immune system is important to help reduce the risk of seasonal ills and chills.

Black Elderberry has been used to improve health for over 4000 years, and has been called "nature's medicine chest". Sambucol was developed by a world-renowned scientist who recognized the potential of the antioxidants present in the Black Elderberry. Sambucol® Black Elderberry utilizes a unique preparation method that preserves and maximizes the naturally occurring health benefits of the berry.

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