Manuka Oil Skin Repair Ointment

Manuka Rx



The extraordinary New Zealand ManukaRx™ natural skin ointment is a must-have for any home first aid kit, backpack or glove-box.
This natural ointment contains manuka oil which is known to have natural antibacterial properties that make it helpful in the prevention of the spread of bacterial infections of the skin.
What Makes This Manuka Ointment So Amazing?
ManukaRx™ provides gentle, yet powerful support to your body's natural ability.
This specially formulated natural skin care ointment contains a comprehensive blend of ingredients which encourage healing:
East Cape Manuka Oil which has natural antibacterial properties
Castor seed oil is known to help prevent the spread of bacteria and unclog pores while softening the skin.
Skin-healthy vitamin E and fatty acids in sunflower oil.
Beeswax which can act as a barrier for protection and hydration.
Cocoa and shea butter which are able to leave your skin smooth and supple.
ManukaRx helps with dry itchy skin, chapped lips, broken cuticles, and dry spots because this natural skin care is ideal for both minor daily nuisances and may help with stubborn minor skin irritation.


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