Salt Lamp Wooden Base

Carolina Trading



These are authentic natural colour Himalayan Salt Lamps and each piece is unique in colour, design and size. Himalayan Salt Lamps can help eliminate the smell of smoking, cooking odours, chemicals, mould and mildew or allergens such as pollen, dust, and airborne bacteria. Our salt lamps work efficiently and act as a natural dehumidifier.

Salt crystals are known to emit negative ions which give the air an invigorating freshness, similar to that found at waterfalls, by the sea, on mountain-tops and after thunderstorms. As well as creating a sense of well-being, negative ions can help reduce the effects of indoor air pollution from computers and other electrical equipment, poor ventilation and air conditioning.

Carolina Trading Salt Lamps are handcrafted to preserve the natural shape and structure of the salt rock. Each item comes with an electric cable, a bulb and a set of instructions.


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