Magnesium Restore

Be Pure



BePure Magnesium Restore has been specially formulated by Ben Warren to contain the highest quality, most absorbable forms of chelated magnesium to effectively support the renewal of depleted magnesium stores.

BePure Magnesium Restore is a powerful combination of magnesium bis-glycinate, magnesium citrate, L-carnitine and malic acid to support both optimal absorption in the body and improved energy production.

Unfortunately, due to our modern day lifestyle, many people are not absorbing enough magnesium from their food and are using what stores they do have faster due to our increased pace and stressors in life.

Controlling over 300 different enzyme reactions, BePure Magnesium Restore supports;

Improved muscle relaxation and reduction of muscle cramps
Sleep and rest
Promotes calm and supports mood
Normal heart function and blood pressure
Energy production
Supports bone formation


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