Rosemary Cineol Oil (Organic)

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Rosemary Cineol is a really versatile essential oil with antiseptic and tonic properties that is thought to purify the spirit and focus the mind. Uplifting and lively, it offers a great way to complement alertness and creativity. Use it to support normal concentration against unsettled thinking and mental fatigue.

Its clear, vital tones can be used to assist healthy breathing and digestion. Rosemary Cineol also aids regular circulation and is useful for muscle and skin therapy.

Blends well with: Basil, Bergamot, Peppermint.

Rosemary is well documented in recent history. During the plague, bunches of rosemary were hung and burned to help fight off infection. The early Greeks used it as a digestive aid, while it was a sign of fidelity during Medieval and Classical times. The French hung rosemary in their hospitals during World War II due to its antiseptic and purifying properties.

The stimulating effect of Rosemary oil has been employed to help with joint and muscle pain. Also as a counter to mental fatigue, to enhance concentration, and to energise general wellbeing.

It is also used as tonic in hair and skin care.

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