May Chang Oil (Organic)

Absolute Essential



An uplifting and refreshing scent that promotes natural vitality. It may be especially useful to help counter negative energy that can foster fatigue and lethargy, and also related anxiety and depression.

Its general tonic effect is also beneficial in skin care where it can be included to nurture natural revitalisation.

Blends well with Petigrain, Rosemary and Lavender.

Native to China, May Chang has been used extensively in Chinese medicine for centuries, indicated in a a range of conditions including indigestion, headaches, back pain and chills. It belongs to the same botanical family as Rosewood and Cinnamon.

With a gentle fragrance reminiscent of lemon it has proved popular in the toiletries industry. It is considered to have general tonic properties being both refreshing and balancing to body and mind.

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