Lemon Oil (Organic)

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Lemon oil has positive, uplifting qualities and supports clear thinking, humour and decisiveness.

It has cleansing and antibacterial properties and works well mixed with Bergamot to make a refreshing deodorant. A few drops on a warm compress may be used to support healthy circulation. Add drops to dish rinse water. Diffuse to cleanse and refresh air, and add a few drops to natural cleaning solutions to upgrade fragrance and efficacy.

Blends well with: Orange Sweet, Rosemary, Vetiver, Bergamot.

Both traditional Chinese and Indian medicine have a long history of use with lemon. It has been cited in treatments for food poisoning, malaria, typhoid and scurvy. It is considered a purifying agent on the blood and stimulating to healthy body process. It has been cited in remedies for colds, throat infection, anxiety and high blood pressure, and also used to promote cleansing in the lymphatic system and to help relieve muscular aches and pains.

The scent of Lemon is said to improve concentration.

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